Social Responsibility

To Kuteks, ‘’Corporate Social Responsibility’’ is not a necessity. It is a course of action with all of our labors and constituents we interiorize; which means that it is not a necessity, it is responsibility.

With this perspective, we make an effort to create awareness about the future of our planet and to spread this awareness to as wide areas as possible.

We as Kuteks, with our corporate social responsibility opinion, aim to support various social sharing projects in the environment, education and health areas regularly and continuously. We meticulously work to fulfill our responsibility against our labors and their families, customers, universities, organizations and our other partners.

We also carry out common activities in the health field with important non-governmental organizations. We provide that our personnel donate blood voluntarily in certain periods and inform them about the damages of smoking and similar subjects. We support the projects in health field as much as we can.

We adopt to behave careful and see this as a reflection of the respect that we have for environment, humanity, next generations and ourselves. Therefore, we, as Kuteks A.Ş., use our resources more efficiently and pay attention to provide recycling in our company.

As a part of corporate social responsibility sense, to support you and satisfy your demands, Kuteks Inc. carried the application system in the web page. You can send your requests to us by filling up the Social Responsibility Request Form.