Our Environment and Quality Policy

Our Environment Policies

  • To determine, control and reduce the environmental effects that can or will occur during our manufacturing activities,
  • To respect all law, regulations and other legal necessities concerning environment while carrying out our activities,
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance improving the environmental awareness of our labors,
  • To decrease the waste using the raw material, energy and natural sources efficiently,
  • To prevent or minimize the environmental pollution controlling our wastes.

Our Quality Policies are

  • To convert quality into life style in Kuteks Inc. and to ensure continuity of it,
  • To sustain and improve our Quality Management System established according to internationally accepted 93/42/EEC Medical Device Regulations and ISO: 13485:2003 Quality Management System Standards and to pursue its results with measurable, comparable data,
  • To ensure that our products and services always suit the customer’s need and legal regulations,
  • During our presale and post-sale activities, to ideally satisfy the customer’s expectations and needs, to increase customer loyalty beside customer satisfaction providing the most affordable service,
  • In accordance with the understanding of continuous training, to equip our labors with training, to ensure their attendance, to prosper the potential and to ensure the labor satisfaction by providing the ergonomic working conditions in all units,
  • To develop our mutual relations with our strategic partners-suppliers and to be in a close cooperation with them and to develop with them.
  • To provide continuous improvement by reviewing system performance, performing improver, preventive and curative activities in accordance with the quality objective.