Human Resources

Our employees form up the foundation of our Company’s rightful success. Our Company aims at satisfying its employees first since it directly affects our customers’ satisfaction. Applications can be submitted to Kuteks for employment through the “Job Application” section on the related page or by filling out the “Job Application” form which can be obtained from the company in person. Following this process, the candidates who are considered to be fit for duty are invited for interviews upon which the most appropriate personnel are selected for the right position.

Career Management: Kuteks ensures the continuous development of its employees’ individual career developments as well as the efficiency of the Company by assuring participation of personnel in training programs held at different times in order to improve the development of human resources and its contribution to the Company.

Performance Management: The foundation of our performance management is based on the performance of concrete and measurable goals determined at the beginning of the year. Performance levels are calculated at the end of the year, depending on the actualization ratio, employees are encouraged to take part in several training and implementations based on the criteria defined by Kuteks A.Ş.

Training: The employees’ occupational and personal developments are supported through the training sessions at every level for our employees who are the true architects of our just success, solidifying the “knowledge bank” of the Company which is the most significant resource of the organization.


  • All our companies under the roof of Uğur Group of Companies carry out their activities in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the “United Nations’ Human Rights Declaration to which The Republic of Turkey is also committed to.
  • Uğur Group of Companies implement the working conditions provided to employees as well as employee – employer applications in full conformity of the legal frame allowed by the laws of the country and ILO Agreements that Republic of Turkey is a party to.