About Us

Established in 1984 to engage in activities in medical consumables production, Kuteks A.Ş. was integrated into Uğur Group of Companies in 2002 and became a successful representative of the company in the medical field.

Kuteks who has adopted the principle of reaching the European standards began its product diversification in early 1986; today the Company has reached its goal and identified new objectives.
Ever since the Company’s introduction to the medical field, Kuteks has been serving and become one of the biggest manufacturers in the sector with its quality production of medical textile products such as gauze, sterilized hydrophilic gauze, sterilized gas compress, all types of flexible bandages, corsets and breeches.
The company continues to grow constantly with the investments made and offered new medical products into the market with the Fortune brand it purchased in 2010. Some of the products within the product range of Fortune are digital thermostats, blood pressure monitors, sterilized syringes, surgical masks, pregnancy tests, orthopedic products, diabetes measurement device, etc. The Company continues their researches to increase their product variety in accordance with the customer demands.

Kuteks continues to serve under modern and hygienic conditions in two separate buildings of 12.566 square meter total, established on an area of 32.498 square meters.
All production departments of the Company have been equipped with modern, hygienic and current technology and are under constant supervision and in compliance with the relevant regulations, directives and standards as well as the appropriate lab and quality control sections with a sense of “quality”.
Our quality products are marketed to customers around the world by the expert and experienced marketing personnel.
Kuteks products are offered directly to pharmacies via pharmaceutical and perfumery warehouses and to hospitals through medical representatives. Additionally, Kuteks products are exported to many developed European countries as well as several other foreign countries.

Medical Supplies and Orthopedic Products

Kuteks provides medical supplies for bussines which operates in the field of health and for personal use. In addition to this, it has supportive products for removing orthopedic disordes.

This products includes bandages, bands and corsets.


Eliminating the health problems to ensure every day better than yesterday.


Risks caused by hygiene problems are reduced to zero.


Kuteks believes in the power of experience along with knowledge. Years of experience is unique and valuable for Kuteks. Every day, Kuteks carries itself one step forward with a new experience.


Hygiene is the most important feature for the field it operates. It manufactures its products in completely hygienic environment and delivers to the people. Kuteks knows that little mistakes can cause serious problems for some products.


Kuteks, is the leader of the market. As a leader it leans on industry problems and strive s for the development of the sector.


For Kuteks, it is an important virtue to provide same standarts in production without any deterioration. Kuteks is stable in both products and business strategies.


Kuteks takes responsibility of the sector as the leader of the market and it is aware of social importance of health.


Always try to be better than yesterday and improve itself and keep pace with advancing technology.


It protects people against health hazards and eliminates the factors might pose a risk.


It is aware that a small mistake could cause major damage and never plays a joke on health.


Kuteks guides the sector and the people . It utilizes its knowledge and experience for progress.


Kuteks is a well-known brand.

It is the choice of most important brands and companies.


Kuteks is competent and works with capable people. Its aim is continuously improve its competencies.


For Kuteks, success is something brought by discipline and stability; not by chance. Kuteks is never shy to talk about its success.


Uğur Group of Companies is the most dependable one in the industry with their assurance and experience.

Ensure that people live healthy and happy

Uğur Group of Companies exist to ensure that people have a happy and healthy life. It operates with this purpose and mission of love in every field of life. In every job Ugur Group of Companies does, people’s happiness, health and serenity is important. Beriefly its main principle is to provide good life to human race.